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What is the Hot Girl Walk®?

A Hot Girl Walk is a 4-mile walk where you think about 3 things:

  1. The things you're grateful for - an opportunity to take your mind off of your daily stressors and recognize the good things in your life.
  2. Your goals and how you're going to achieve them - think about your previous achievements and let yourself feel proud of all you've accomplished and start to think about what's next for you.
  3. How HOT you are - after you've taken account of your gratitudes, achievements, and goals, you begin to feel confident.

The Hot Girl Walk is about buidling your confidence by recognizing all you have to be confident about, and letting it come to the surface. 4 miles is a good benchmark, but any distance you can comfortably walk is good.

The mission of the Hot Girl Walk is to unite women in a way that promotes mental and physical wellness through fitness training, that is accessible and inclusive to all.

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Find a Hot Girl Walk near you!

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Hot Girl Walk®
Those undertaking Hot Girl Walks may benefit from gratitude’s virtuous cycle, beginning with exercising both one’s mind and personal volition, reducing distraction, and focusing on personal abundance and strengths. The benefits of the Hot Girl Walk may be theoretically unlimited.

Glenn Fox, Neuroscientist at USC Marshall School of Business

... Instead of seeing exercise as something that is done out of context, the hot girl walk concept integrates exercise into an accessible activity and a pleasant headspace.

Rachel Trotta, Certified Personal Trainer, Well + Good

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