What is the Hot Girl Walk?

The Hot Girl Walk is a 4 mile, outdoor walk, where you only think about 3 things:

1. Things you're grateful for

2. Your goals and how you're going to achieve them

3. How HOT you are!

4 miles may seem ambitious, but it is not a requirement because the Hot Girl Walk is not about weight loss, but it's about evolving introspection and self reflection into confidence.

Mia created the Hot Girl Walk in November 202, during the pandemic because she felt a loss of control and used social media to distract from her thoughts. So she went on 4 mile walks, to confront her negative self-talk, developing these steps along the way. This lead to an increase in confidence turning into success and happiness in her day to day life. Her sorority sisters encouraged her to share this practice on social media and her first Hot Girl Walk video was posted January 2021. The video now has over 3 million views.

Millions of women have taken up the Hot Girl Walk around the world, it has half a billion views on Tik Tok, and been featured on various media outlets.

More importantly, the Hot Girl Walk has created an incredible community in the form of Hot Girl Walk clubs around the world.

What's so great about Hot Girl Walks?

“So… it’s just a walk?”  That is the number 1 question I am asked- and a question you probably are thinking too! I coined the term “Hot Girl Walk” and created the framework surrounding it in Novemb...

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